Why are Renfert sandblasters so great?

Minimize costs long-term with Renfert sandblasters

Independent tests of different microblasters have shown that significantly less abrasive is used with Renfert microblasters thanks to the unique mixing chamber technology and minimum to no post blasting. This reduces your blasting costs by up to 80%.

Sandblasting with bright and clear view

Producing optimum work requires a perfect view of the object. Thanks to a brightly illuminated blasting chamber with special daylight LED throughout (4800 Lux) greater contrasts and clearer differences can be seen on the illuminated object. The ideal balance between diffuse and directed light ensures the best contour and detail recognition. Ergonomic hose routing guarantees clear viewing conditions and the color-coded system on the tank lids, the tank positioning, handpieces and tank selection switch make the unit very easy to operate.

Ensure sandblasting quality with precision

The uniformity of abrasive flow, abrasive power and jet pattern is essential. The special nozzle geometry and mixing chamber technology enable highly focused sandblasting. This allows you to achieve uniform, reproducible surface conditioning ensuring perfect bonding properties – and therefore visibly higher quality.

The right sandblaster for you: read now!

From the economically priced Basic eco to enter professional sandblasting technology to the top of the range Basic quattro IS with uncompromising performance and 4 tanks:
The Renfert sandblaster family offers the right sandblaster for every lab.

In the current Renfert promo flyer you can find offers to the complete range of Renfert sandblasters, as well as offers to Renfert trimmers, extraction units and further dental equipment and materials.

As with all of Renfert's dental equipment, we offer a 3 year warranty on all Renfert sandblasters.

Basic microblasters - Practical. Reliable. Economical.

Product Description
Basic quattro IS Ref-No 29590000 20L Blasting chamber volume
Professional, comfortable sandblasting unit with 2 to 4 tanks. Provides precision & processing safety for every procedure.
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Basic quattro Ref-No 29580000 20L Blasting chamber volume
Convenient, flexible premium class microblaster with 2-4 tanks.
View the product
Basic master Ref-No 29482000 20L Blasting chamber volume
The Basic master microblaster is a genuine space-saver and provides great freedom of movement. The unit is equipped with 2 tanks.
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Basic classic Ref-No 29471050 14L Blasting chamber volume
Basic classic is the low-priced entry to professional microblasting technology; a compact unit in the basic version with up to 2 tanks.
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Basic eco Ref-No 29492025 10L Blasting chamber volume
The Basic eco microblaster with up to two tanks offers high precision in a minimum space thanks to its compact dimensions. Top blasting technology and an attractive price-performance ratio combine to provide an ideal product for first-time users and laboratories where space is at a premium.
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Basic mobil Ref-No 29143050 Renfert blasting technology has been reduced to a basic design in the Basic mobil sandblasters. Mobile use only requires connection to the compressed air. View the product
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