Why are Renfert sandblasters so great?

Renfert Basic sandblasters are practical, reliable and economical.

  • Practical – The PerfectView feature creates the perfect balance between diffused and focused light. Smallest details kann be recognized thereby increasing precision.
    Renfert sandblasters offer a perfectly uniform abrasive flow, abrasive power and jet pattern. This allows you to achieve consistently uniform, reproducible surface conditioning, ensuring perfect bonding properties. No stresses and cracks in the porcelain.
  • Reliable – The special geometrical design of the nozzle provides for accurately focused sandblasting. This ensures that only the required Areas are sandblasted.
    The large glass panel guarantees that the entire interior of the blasting chamber can be used for sandblasting, allowing you to work safely.
  • Economical – The unique mixing chamber provides an optimal air/abrasive mixture for the most efficient blasting process assuring that very little blasting media goes to waste, thereby reducing sandblasting costs by up to 80%.

The right sandblaster for you: read now!

From the economically priced Basic eco to enter professional sandblasting technology to the top of the range Basic quattro IS with uncompromising performance and 4 tanks:
The Renfert sandblaster family offers the right sandblaster for every lab.

In the current Renfert promo flyer you can find offers to the complete range of Renfert sandblasters, as well as offers to Renfert trimmers, extraction units and further dental equipment and materials.

As with all of Renfert's dental equipment, we offer a 3 year warranty on all Renfert sandblasters.

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