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Renfert. Because there is always room for improvement.

Renfert is an owner-managed, medium-sized German company, which has accompanied and influenced the development of modern working in  daily dental routines since 1925. This has already been the case for a long time worldwide. Renfert's high-quality dental technological units and materials are now sold in over 120 countries. Approximately 200 people work at the headquarters in Hilzingen, Germany. 

Renfert stands for intelligent solutions and reliable service to make the work of every technician better, more efficient and more precise. Technology and products, which are made by dental technicians for dental technicians: materials and equipment by Renfert are continually further developed or occasionally also completely redesigned in close collaboration and in intensive dialogue with customers.

Perfect products, complete solutions.

The main users of our products are dental laboratories and dental practices all over the world who are supplied by qualified specialist traders.

The name Renfert does not just stand for first-class products but for complete solutions. With a comprehensive service and advisory provision, which is always continually expanded and improved. The strength and superiority of the Renfert brand is made up of a combination of high-quality products and a comprehensive service and advisory provision: the complete solution for customers. This extends well beyond the point of sale and also never leaves customers on their own after purchase.

Renfert, for example was one of the first companies in the worldwide dental market to have provided a 3-year guarantee on all units, introduced a 48-hour repair service, created a loan unit service, granted 10-year replacement part (investment) and offered comprehensive information/consultation via hotline and in the internet in 6 languages.



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