Gold filter

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Gold filter - Every gramm counts

Function & Performance
This new accessory for the Dustex master plus stops even a single gram of gold being wasted during trimming. Gold dust is collected reliably by the large suction funnel and deep collecting tunnel.


  • Convenient handling. Fast replacement - no tools needed.
  • Positioned far forward in the suction duct to prevent unnecessary additional contamination of the framework being trimmed.
  • Can be emptied without wastage.
  • A large suction duct and deep collecting funnel collect the gold reliably.
  • The light grey colour of the sieve is an optimum contrast colour against all gold alloys.


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Product data and Documents

Key functions

  • Large suction duct and deep collection funnel

  • Reliable collection of gold filings

  • No contamination of the gold

Other key functions

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