Catalyst converter

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Catalyst converter - Intelligent control of the catalist converter

Function & Performance
Reduction of unpleasant odors and smoke thanks to catalytic post-combustion of furnace gases.


  • Intelligent control over the Magma.
  • Chemical conversion of organic constituents into carbon dioxide and water vapor.
  • Increase in service life thanks to automatic switch-off at 650°C (1202°F). The catalyst converter operates continuously when using the speed program.


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Key functions

  • Intelligent control over the Magma

  • Optimal ventilation in the furnace

  • Catalytic post-combustion of furnace gasses

Other key functions

Expert tip

Nikolas Langner, Dental Technician:
"The catalyst detoxifies the flue gases, which are created during heating. It is easily attached to the furnace in a few simple steps and the furnace detects the additional components automatically."

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