Large wax knife

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Large wax knife - Quick and delicate

Function & Performance
The large wax knife is suitable for all requirements in partial and full denture prosthetics.


  • Ideal for taking up large and small amounts of wax.
  • Sculpting tip is ideally suited for optimal contouring of the interdental space.
  • Vertical and horizontal curvature for contouring natural curves.

Contaminated Waxlectric tips are easily cleaned. Carefully sandblast the contaminated tips with your sandblaster at approx. 2 bar. A glass bead based abrasive should be used, e.g. Rolloblast 50 µm. Your Waxlectric tips will then shine again with a new luster.


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Product data and Documents

Key functions

  • For the application of larger and smaller amounts of wax

  • Modelling tips for shaping the interdental areas optimally

  • Vertical and horizontal curvatures for forming natural curves

Other key functions

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