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Basic mobil with foot switch, 25-70 µm

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Basic mobil with foot switch, 25-70 µm - Mobile addition to blasting

Function & Performance
Renfert blasting technology has been reduced to a basic design in the Basic mobil sandblasters. Mobile use only requires connection to the compressed air.


  • Ideal use with existing abrasive chamber.
  • Control using pneumatic foot switch.
  • Individual blasting pressure of 1-6 bar. Pressure display via manometer.


  • Special mixing chamber technology (Venturi principle).
  • Flow independent.
  • Two tank versions: 25-70 µm or 70-250 µm.
  • Ideal for blasting with 3M Espe Rocatec™ abrasives.
  • Integrated water separator.
  • Mobile use: simply connect to the compressed air.


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Key functions

  • Ideal for use with existing sandblasting chamber

  • For mobile use: simply connect to a compressed air outlet

  • No power supply required

Other key functions

Technical data

Scope of Delivery

  • Basic mobil with foot switch, 25-70 µm
  • Pneumatic foot switch
  • Abrasive 50 µm white, 600 g
  • Nozzle 0.8 mm


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