Basic quattro IS


Basic quattro IS - Precision microblasting

Function & Performance
Professional, comfortable sandblasting unit with 2 to 4 tanks. Provides precision & processing safety for every procedure.


  • Controlled and exact sandblasting of finely detailed objects thanks to integrated quick stop technology ‚IS‘ (Immediate Stop) enabling start/stop within seconds of the sandblasting process.
  • Precise and reliable processing at best possible cost effectiveness with the special mixing chamber technology.
  • Quick and safe operation due to exact pressure adjustment and control of actual pressure for every tank

Integrated Immediate Stop Technique (Immediate Stop)
The foot switch controls the pneumatic valves. This allows the blasting process to begin or end instantly. The control system allows a very precise dosage of blasting material and prevents posterior sandblasting at the same time (savings on blasting material!).
The Immediate Sop function enables focused sandblasting for e.g. devesting delicate restorations (all porcelain/ pressable ceramics, inlays, telescope units, thin crown margins), sandblasting fissures, treatment of precision attachments as well as surface conditioning on alloys and porcelain.

The exact control over pressure
After switching on the unit the blasting tanks are permanently under pressure. On switching off the unit the tanks remain under pressure for several hours so the pressure does not need to be continuously regained. This means the adjustable pressure for each tank is ready for use immediately on starting the blasting process and also after short interruptions.

Tank selector switch and pressure regulator
Individual tanks and pressure adjustment can be comfortably selected from within the blasting chamber.

Foot switch
Foot switch can be activated from any position (360°).

Tank upgrade
Easy tank upgrade, tool-free due to the quick connection and color coded system.

Sandblasting chamber volume
Large sandblasting chamber (20 l) allows maximum freedom of movement.

Unique: The manometers mounted in the tank lid provide information about the actual pressure at the nozzle and not about the static pressure in the tank. The desired pressure can be individually regulated on each tank.


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Key functions

  • Ergonomically situated tubes for optimal visibility (PV-Concept)

  • Professional and comfortable top-class sandblasting unit for all indications (with up to 4 tanks)

  • Precise and reliable processing at great cost efficiency with the special mixing chamber.

Other key functions


Dental technician know-how: Best technology and clear view

Expert tip

Christian Pilz, Head of Product Management
"Renfert Basic quattro IS sandblasters are particularly suitable for the efficient and safe devesting of press ceramic as well as for the extremely delicate fissure blasting."

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