Basic quattro


Basic quattro - Microblasting – economic and versatile

Function & Performance
Convenient, flexible premium class microblaster with 2-4 tanks.


  • Very easy, toolless tank extension via quick-release coupling and colour-coded system.
  • Precise blasting with the special mixing chamber technology (Venturi principle).
  • Easy hand and framework cleaning using the integrated blow-out nozzle.

Several applications simultaneously
The Basic quattro enables several applications simultaneously in a compact space, e.g. surface conditioning, devesting and preparation of metal frameworks for oxide firing.

The Basic quattro can be quickly retrofitted in the lab to up to four tanks, with e.g. the following arrangement: 50 μm Cobra, 50 μm Rolloblast, 90-125 μm Cobra and 250 μm Cobra.

Abrasive chamber volume
20 l


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Key functions

  • Comfortable, flexible, top-class fine sandblasting unit (with up to 4 tanks)

  • Precise working procedures and great cost efficiency with the special mixing chamber

  • Easy tank upgrade, tool-free due to the quick connection and colour coded system

Other key functions


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