Twister venturi

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Twister venturi - Mixing – quickly, easily and efficiently

Function & Performance
Twister and Twister venturi are compact mixers with easy-to-use standard functions and powerful motor technology.


  • Optimized vacuum mixing technology produces homogeneous mixing results.
  • Virtually maintenance-free components.
  • Automatic bowl coupling enables convenient single-hand operation.

The units generally all have the same functions. The only difference is in the technology for generating the vacuum. While the Twister operates using a motor pump, the Twister venturi produces the vacuum with the aid of compressed air.

Direct manual control
All mixing parameters are entered easily and quickly.

Impressive motor powerg
The powerful motor guarantees homogeneous and bubble-free mixing with dental plasters, investments and silicones.

Vacuum level can be regulated
The vacuum level, which can be regulated between 70% (with Twister venturi 80%) and 100%, prevents boiling bubbles with certain plasters and duplicating silicones.

Universal use
The Twister units can be used for all the usual impression and model materials in dental technology.

Mixing bowls contaminated with stubborn plaster residue can be effortlessly cleaned: simply add GO 2011 speed to the mixing bowl and allow to take effect according to the amount of plaster. The immediately activated bubble formation indicates the beginning of the cleaning process. Rinse the bowl briefly under water after cleaning with GO 2011 speed. Finished!


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Key functions

  • The all-round optimised vacuum technology produces homogenous mixing results - the basis of perfect casting, pressing and milled objects.

  • The virtually maintenance free components and the intuitive operation make the unit a comfortable partner both in the laboratory and in the practice.

  • The high speed mixing motor mixes large amounts of material reliably and reproducibly.

Other key functions


Dental technician know-how: Twister, the vacuum mixer from Renfert

Expert tip

Sabine König, Product Management:
"The Twister venturi utilizes the existing compressed air supply of the laboratory and therefore makes a vacuum pump unnecessary. Another advantage is that the unit is virtually maintenance-free and cost-effective."

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