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MT3 - Impressively powerful - surprisingly inexpensive

Function & Performance
The MT3 wet trimmer is impressive due to its exceptionally powerful motor. With the MT3 Renfert provides high-performance trimming at a low price.


  • Quick change of the trimmer table angle using the practical tipping mechanism (90°/ 98°).
  • Safety: when the front door is opened a safety switch stops the motor and water.
  • Uniform coverage by the optimally positioned spray tube prevents clogging of the trimmer disc.


  • A 10° inclination of the unit provides an optimum view of the model.
  • Easy guidance of the plaster model with the aid of slotted angle lines in the trimmer table.

The stable front can be completely removed and cleaned in a few steps using the quick-release lock. The spray tube can also be removed as easily as the trimmer table and, e.g. placed in plaster remover (we recommend GO 2011 speed from Renfert) and cleaned.


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Key functions

  • Above average strong motor with 1,300 W for max. material removal without pressure.

  • Easy, fast cleaning due to the tool free removable front door (quick-release fasteners)

  • 100% corrosion free, robust and durable housing.

Other key functions


Dental technician know-how: Plaster trimming, MT3 -- the correct unit

Expert tip

Oliver Bothe, Product Management:
"Do not discard the old Klettfix trimmer disc. It can be used as an ideal aid, for example to remove excess investment from a CrCo model manually."

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