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Pillo chisel

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Pillo chisel - Deflasking - State of the art

Function & Performance
Stresses in bridges, cracks in acrylic dentures and splintered teeth are things of the past. Laboratory-fabricated restorations are gently, easily and quickly deflasked using the Power pillo and Pillo pneumatic chisels.


  • Save time and money with powerful and gentle devesting of sensitive restorations (castings, dentures).
  • Absolutely maintenance-free due to special oil-free mechanism.
  • Maximum health protection provided by minimal transmission of vibration to the joints

The Power pillo delivers a higher performance, smoother running and a quick-release coupling connection


  • Infinitely variable power setting.
  • Four different tungsten carbide chisel inserts are optionally available.
  • The ergonomic form provides an optimum, reliable grip and a high degree of working comfort.


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Key functions

  • Powerful and gentle deflasking of delicate objects (cast objects/dentures)

  • Infinitely variable power control

  • Special oil-free mechanism: Maintenance free

Other key functions

Technical data

Scope of Delivery

  • Pillo chisel
  • Flat chisel, wide
  • Connecting hose (2 m/78.7")
  • Set of connection filters


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