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Millo pro - Dental arch trimming: time-saving and precise

Function & Performance
The Millo (pro) provides the basis for precise model fabrication. The use of the Millo (pro) also increases safety at work and saves time.


  • A powerful, maintenance-free motor provides quick, effortless trimming of dental arches.
  • The fine surface finish and absolutely uniform conical surface in the dental arch guarantee functional reliability and accuracy.
  • Connection to an extractor unit ensures a clean workstation and a high degree of health protection.

The height of the Millo pro cutter can also be adjusted, thus enabling easy trimming of difficult tooth positions.
Extractors without automatic switch-on can be automated using a direct connection with the Millo pro.


  • Completely non-tipping thanks to enlarged base surface.
  • Space-saving due to compact design.
  • Uncomplicated cutter change using the integrated tool key.
  • Detachable work table ensures easy cleaning.


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Key functions

  • Bur height adjustment for difficult dental arches and high or already pinned dental arches

  • Maintenance free and powerful motor: grinds even the hardest of plaster quickly and effortlessly

  • Optimal extraction performance keeps the workbench clean

Other key functions

Expert tip

Cim Özyurt, Product Management:
"The Millo pro/Millo saves money. Trimming a dental arch with a handpiece considerably increases its service costs because of the high wear and heavy contamination."

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