Dental Extractions

Work cleanly. Quietly.
Some machines do not have to be in the spotlight to make work easier. They are more like silent, constant companions. When it comes down to it, extraction units in particular, prove their value when they function without you having to pay any attention to them. Quiet, yet powerful.

Easy start, intuitive operation
Renfert extraction units can be very easily andquickly connected (Plug & Play), operated, cleanedand maintained. They provide the ideal filtertechnology for every requirement (with or withouta bag depending on the version). The front of theunit allows convenient, direct access to alloperating elements. All parameters can be veryeasily set using a membrane keypad or via a clearmultifunctional display.

Combine cleanliness and quietness
A workplace where the fine dust is greatlyreduced and at the same time has a pleasant, lownoise level greatly facilitates working. Silentextraction units are therefore not only extremelypowerful – with a suction capacity (depending onthe version) up to a volume flow of 4000L/min.– but also surprisingly quiet, thanks to psychoacousticfindings.

Select the perfect size
Silent extraction units are available as single-workstation, two-workstation or four-workstationextractors and also for use with aCAD-CAM system. All versions are compact andslimline.

Simply connect and start extracting
Your dust generating devices are optimallycontrolled together with the workstationextraction units using the easily adjustablecalibration of the automatic switch-on function.The SPS interface is the intelligent bi-directionalcommunication with your CAM unit. It enablesmessages to be processed and measures initiatedsuch as switching on and off, activation of thefine filter cleaning function and requesting theextractor’s function status. All you need to do isconnect the extraction unit to your CAM unit, andyou’re ready to start.

Increase process reliability with sophisticated motor technology
Two different motor technologies are available,which are both characterized by a very highservice life.The collector motors with an elaborate transformercontroller provide a motor running time of> 1000 operating hours. If the motor has to bereplaced after a long service life, this is easilycompleted within a few minutes. The EC motorswith brushless turbine technology also have a longservice life of > 5000 operating hours.

making work easy for me means...

… that the SILENT extraction units are so pleasantly quiet that I can fully concentrate on my work.

Oliver Bothe | Product Management Renfert
Master Dental Technician

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