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SILENT powerCAM EC - Device extraction unit for CAM systems

Function & Performance
Powerful extraction unit with EC motor, bag-free, fine filter technology, suitable for frequently used CAM systems.


  • Reliable production process thanks to a low-maintenance EC motor with 5,000 guaranteed operating hours.
  • Suitable for CAD-CAM systems requiring high suction performance due to a powerful motor with a max. flow rate of 4000l/min.
  • High operating comfort thanks to bidirectional communication with the CAM system via PLC control.


  • No dust bag change due to bag-free fine filter technology, including automatic filter cleaning.
  • Safe disposal of fine milling dusts with the aid of a disposal bag.
  • Very low operating noise of 54.3 dB(A). 


Further information: Overview Dental Extractions

Expert tip

Joachim Egelhof, Technical manager:
"Why are our SILENT extractors so quiet? Some noises are more stressful than others. We  worked with psychoacousticians who  showed us the unpleasant frequency ranges. This allowed us to minimize the noises drastically in this frequency range and provide the units with a pleasant audio frequency."

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