Vortex compact 3L


Vortex compact 3L - Extraction - robust and versatile

Function & Performance
The Vortex compact 3L is a dust class "L" wet and dry extraction unit, specially developed for use with equipment.


  • Optimum protection against fine dusts (99.9% filtration efficiency) using a 2-stage filter system with M Class fine filters, optional also H/Hepa filters (art. no. 900034410/-4420).
  • 25 % increase in the filter capacity at the press of a button using the free-filter system.
  • Extremely powerful due to high-speed suction turbine with 1 200 Watt and max. 3 700 l/min (129.50 cfm).


  • Wet suction function makes it ideal for use with water-cooled trimming procedures.
  • Dust free removal using an extremely tear-proof, large filter bag (15 L) made from nano-fiber fleece with integrated sealing system.
  • Long service life of the washable PET fleece fine filter.


Further information: Overview Dental Extractions

Key functions

  • Filter system for dust class M according to DIN EN 60335

  • The 2 step filter system class M also protects against hazardous fine dust (fine dust precipitation efficiency of 99%)

  • The Free-Filter-System increases the]filter capacity by more than 25% at the touch of a button

Other key functions

Expert tip

Oliver Bothe, Product Management:
"The commutator motor of the Vortex compact 3L is excluded from the guarantee, it is subject to the system-related wear and tear. The average service life is approx 800 hours."

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