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SILENT V4 - more powerful. cleaner. quieter.

Function & Performance
The compact, bag-free four-workstation extractor SILENT V4 provides individual suction power setting, adapted to the actual requirements. All functions can be set via an intuitive, convenient control panel with LCD display.


  • Suction power at the workstation as required using four separate controllable pinch valves.
  • Intuitive and centralized operability via LCD display.
  • Central connection of all consumers without any extention cords thanks to the Quattro Control Box.

Making work easy
The commutatorless EC motor has a considerably longer motor running time in comparison with commutator motors (> 5 000 operating hours). This long-life motor technology ensures maximum process reliability and saves expensive service and maintenance costs. The suction power is automatically readjusted to adapt it to the consumer.

Filter technology
The new fine filter cleaning is pneumatic. After each cleaning procedure (1x day) the fine filter (99.9% filtration efficiency) is completely clean. This means: full suction power every day!
The dust is collected in a drawer, which can be easily emptied from the front. Time-consuming dust bag change belongs to the past.

Noise and health protection
The SILENT V4 is as quiet as the name promises. Unpleasant frequencies have been eliminated with the help of psychoacousticians. The result: pleasant, quiet extraction (max. 62,5 dB(A)).
The high suction capacity (max. 4,000 l/min) removes all dust from the surrounding area. This means maximum health protection with total performance.

Can the SILENT V4 be integrated? No problem! The comparatively compact design makes its integrating in the lab furniture realizable. The standard panel can very easily be changed to the desired front panel. A stand-alone solution is also possible. The right idea for every laboratory.

Joanna Deligianni, Dental technician:
"I think that Renfert has developed an ideal solution for units connected to automatic switch-on technology with the centrally positioned quattro control box. I was able to connect my unit in the test laboratory virtually without an extension cable. An overload protection is also included with this innovative technique. For me Renfert means extraction expertise with the SILENT range."


Further information: Overview Dental Extractions

Key functions

  • Optimal suction performance for every user due to automatic re-adjustment of the required suction power.

  • Noise protection for the user due to sound insulation and absorption according to both physical and psychoacoustical criteria.

  • Maximum health safety and improved filter life due to a highly effective fine filter cleaning function.

Other key functions


Mehrplatzabsaugung Silent V4 - Sauberkeit kann so leise sein

Expert tip

Maik Witt, Project Manager:
"Your maximum health protection is our aim. We use fine filter material with a 99.9% filtration efficiency (filter Class M).“

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