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Mobiloskop S with support arm


Mobiloskop S with support arm - Clear view for delicate work

Function & Performance
One microscope for up to 4 workplaces! The 360° swivel-mounted support arm allows a single microscope to be utilized from several workplaces for detail control and precision work.


  • 5 and 10 times magnification provides maximum precision.
  • Distortion-free coupled with uniform sharpness in the entire viewing field.
  • Large viewing field with a high depth of focus and marginal detail.


  • Ergonomic and relaxed seating position thanks to the high working position of 150 mm.
  • Dioptric compensation enables a three-dimensional view.
  • Optional: LED-illumination with 9,000 Lux/18 white light LEDs.


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Key functions

  • 5 x and 10 x magnification possible
  • Aspherical lenses ensure a distortion-free image with high marginal detail
  • Bilateral dioptre compensation, three dimensional view

Other key functions

Technical data

Scope of Delivery

  • Mobiloskop head (without lighting)
  • Support arm (incl. stand with universal clamp)


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