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Top spin - Experience precision

Function & Performance
The Top spin provides the advantages of precision, reliability and durability. We have been successful in greatly increasing the previous level of quality. You will be fascinated by the unique concentricity, special drill technology and unparalleled dust protection.


  • Unique shaft bearing technology ensures a drilling accuracy of ≤ 0.01mm.
  • Powerful motor without losing performance during drilling 8,000 rpm.
  • Unique drill technology enables extremely easy drilling without resistance.


  • A unique shaft bearing eliminates even the smallest vibrations. A new dimension in drilling accuracy.
  • Drills are each available in 3 versions for the individual sense of precision: "small/medium/large".
  • The dual telescope table guidance ensures precision drilling over the entire movement of the drill.
  • The laser point is aligned exactly to the tip of the drill.
  • Markings on the surface of the table enable accurate planning of the drill hole position, even with narrow dental arches.

Safe, simple operation

  • The new drill geometry reduces the force during drilling by up to 50%. This means safety, even with dental arches that are at risk of fracture.
  • A quick-release mechanism enables easy, tool-free drill change.
  • The unique dust control and easily removable dust drawer with a filling level overview ensures a clean, comfortable workstation.

Further details

  • Two unit positions and different gripping options for fixing the dental arch in position enable an individual, ergonomic working posture.
  • The individual, infinitely variable drill-depth setting of 0-20 mm (0-0.79 inch) also allows drilling for pin systems with resin plates.
  • With adjustment it is also possible to use drills with a longer shank.
  • Compact design with a high degree of stability.

Cim Özyurt, Product Management:
"To provide you with the same precision independently of the pin system, three versions each (small/ medium/ large) of Renfert drills are available. This allows you to adapt the required precision to your system."


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Key functions

  • Absolute precision for drilled pinholes with max. rotation accuracy of ≤ 0.01mm.

  • Optimal precision control due to individual drill selection (small, medium, large).

  • New, innovative drill geometry:

    • 50% reduction in drilling resistance
    • 50% increase in service life

Other key functions

Expert tip

Tilo Burgbacher, Design and Development:
"We have conceived a new functional concept to make pin drilling even more economical: the main switch is activated via an innovative motion sensor. The unit is then in stand-by mode. The drill spindle is automatically activated by lowering the table. The main switch automatically deactivates if the unit is not used for 2 min."

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