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Magma - Preheating furnace: reliable and versatile

Function & Performance
Magma is a preheating furnace with all the technical features, which fulfill all the requirements in terms of programming, handling and ergonomics.


  • Four-sided heating ensures uniform heating in the entire furnace chamber.
  • Quick heat rate: to 900°C (1654°F) in only 60 min.
  • 99 Program storage spaces + 1 Program for speed investments.


  • The one-piece furnace chamber prevents localized heat loss, which is otherwise caused by joints.
  • Guarantees uniform temperature distribution due to the high density of heating coils in thermally demanding zones.


  • Temperature displayed is measured at the furnace chamber level.
  • Long service life and high accuracy thanks to a PtRh-Pt thermocouple.


  • 9 x #3, 4 x #6, 3 x #9 casting rings.
  • Casting rings can be placed on the furnace door, which is made from special ceramic fibers.


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Key functions

  • Even heat distribution: Four-sided heating with 1,600 W

  • Quick: in 60 min up to 900°C (max. 1,100°C)

  • Maximum precision: PtRh-Pt-temperature sensor

Other key functions

Expert tip

Oliver Bothe, Product Management:
"Heating coils integrated in the walls of the furnace chamber are protected against aggressive gases and mechanical damage. The result is a long service life."

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