Trim easier.

More comfortable working
The trimmer table is easily adjustable; depending on the design, it can be adjusted in two stages or infinitely. This allows you to quickly adjust it to the angle which suits you best.

Clean very easily
Trimmer table and spray hose are easily detachable and the innovative spray tube design as well as control of the amount of water guarantee optimum cleaning of the trimmer disc with minimum water consumption.

Utilize performance, with minimum effort
A powerful motor ensures maximum removal with minimum effort.


Our trimmers provide greater power in the long-term

Not only the durability but also the power of Renfert trimmers is superior to that of other units, making them much more convenient to use.


This is what makes work easier

1 powerful motors
2 easily adjustable trimmer table
3 toolless detachable front door
4 compact design
5 non-corrosive housing

making work easy for me means…

… that the stable front can be completely removed and cleaned in a few steps using the quick-link mechanism.

Christian Pilz | Product Management Renfert
Dental Technician

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