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Waxlectric II, 220-240 V

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Waxlectric II, 220-240 V - Waxing up - precisely and quickly

Function & Performance
Waxlectric I + II are the professional instruments in the electric wax knife sector. The application concept concentrates on safety, precision and user-friendliness.


  • Temperature setting to a precise degree ensures controlled working processes.
  • Direct access of preferred working temperatures using programming function.
  • Hermetically sealed membrane keyboard.

Unlike the Waxlectric I, the Waxlectric II can be operated with two handpieces simultaneously.


  • Integrated holders provide ergonomic access to the handpieces and exchange tips.
  • Direct setting of the maximum or minimum temperature.
  • Daylight operable 3-figure LED display.
  • Both channels can be set separately with the Waxlectric II.
  • Color-coded for controlled management of the handpieces.

Cleaning Waxlextric inserts is very easy. Any contaminants are gently removed by sandblasting with a non-abrasive blast medium (for ex. Rolloblast 50 µm) at 2 bar. After a short high-luster polish on the lathe, you are ready.


Further information: Overview Wax technology

Key functions

  • Heating in the tip - Exclusively with Renfert

    • no rise in temperature on the handle
    • Temperature concentration in the modelling tip
    • no temperature fluctuations

  • Individual temperature adjustment 50-200 °C

  • Programming function from three individually favoured working temperatures

Other key functions

Technical data

Scope of Delivery

  • Waxlectric II 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz
  • Heating handle, yellow
  • Heating handle, red
  • Probe small for WAXLECTRIC
  • Probe large for WAXLECTRIC
  • Mains unit


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