Waxlectric light I + II

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Waxlectric light I + II - Cost-effective introduction to electric wax technology

Function & Performance
These electric wax knives are the perfect introduction to efficient wax technology.


  • Easy temperature control via a potentiometer.
  • Separately adjustable temperature with Waxlectric light II.
  • Compact, ergonomic design.

Unlike the Waxlectric light I, the Waxlectric light II can be operated with two handpieces simultaneously.


  • No contraction in the pattern, as the wax is neither overheated nor burned.
  • The technician can concentrate more on the pattern and less on the tools and instruments.


Further information: Overview Wax technology

Key functions

  • Heating in the tip - Exclusively with Renfert

    • no rise in temperature on the handle
    • Temperature concentration in the modelling tip
    • no temperature fluctuations

  • Individual temperature adjustment 50-200 °C

  • Tips made from special metal alloy with the best thermal conduction

Other key functions

Expert tip

Guido Testa, Dental Technician, Italy:
"When waxing up partial and full dentures I work with a large wax knife, which is perfectly designed to solve two important tasks: Transfer of large amounts of wax and delicate and anatomical contouring. The curved and slender tip ensures optimum contouring of the palatal wax-up and interdental spaces."

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