Bijou 90 / Safety burner

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Bijou 90 / Safety burner - Certified safety and maintenance-free

Function & Performance
Bijou 90 and the Safety burner are two-tube burners for use with liquid gas and natural gas E.


  • Two riser tubes provide the choice of flame intensity.
  • Individual adjustment of the gas supply (rocker lever) and oxygen supply (adjustment wheel).
  • Tested quality and safety thanks to the DVGW type-examination certificate according to DIN 30665-1.


  • High degree of safety due to automatic cut-off of gas supply if the flame is extinguished unintentionally (on the Safety burner).


  • Large base provides stability.
  • Possible 30% inclination to any side via the integrated grid.

Always use the liquid gas Bunsen burner with a pressure reducer at a fixed setting (50 mbar)!


Further information: Overview Wax technology

Key functions

  • Flame intensity is controlled by two ascending tubes
    - small ascending tube: small flame
    - large ascending tube: main flame

  • Gas supply can be adjusted using the tilt lever

  • Individual control of oxygen supply using the hand wheel

Other key functions

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