Vario E

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Vario E - High-level wax technology

Function & Performance
The Vario E allows you to keep your sculpting wax at the required working temperature. Protect your wax against too high temperatures, your sculpting tips against mechanical loading and your wax pattern against high stresses.


  • 30% saving in time due to the preheating function.
  • Multi-functionality provided by three wax pots with separate control.
  • Individual setting of the wax consistency (from creamy to fluid) using infinitely variable temperature setting of 45 – 110°C (113 – 230°F).


  • The permanent temperature control of the actual value input is indicated by the LED display.
  • Also suitable for processing light-curing waxes.
  • Ergonomic working height ensures relaxed working.
  • The deep wax pot is ideal for dipping copings.


Further information: Overview Wax technology

Key functions

  • 30% time saved with the pre-heating function

  • 3 wax basins with separate controls

  • Infinitely adjustable temperature control from 45 - 110°C

Other key functions

Expert tip

Cim Özyurt, Product Management:
„Did you know that Vario E offers savings of 50% in modelling time, in combination with the Waxlectric of Renfert? Moreover you eliminate the risk of overheating the wax avoiding any contraction.“

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