Dynex Brillant separating discs.

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Dynex Brillant separating discs. - The thinnest experts for ceramic, zirconium oxide and lithium disilicate.

Function & Performance
Thin and flexible diamond grinding and separating discs with glass fiber reinforcement, created for separating and trimming porcelain, zircon oxide and lithium disilicate. Available in three thicknesses.


  • Extremely thin and flexible for precise separation of interdental spaces and gentle trimming work.
  • Quick and reliable separation of press sprues.
  • Minimum vibration and heat build-up, in order to prevent cracks or splitting off on ceramic material during grinding.


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Key functions

  • Extreme combination of thin and flexible disc
  • Excellent cutting and grinding performance thanks to a cutting disc saturated with diamond particles
  • Maximum flexural and breaking strength due to an extremely thin, cross-linked glass-fiber reinforcement.

Other key functions

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