Dynex 0,3 x 22mm

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Dynex 0,3 x 22mm - Universal small separating and grinding disc especially for precious and non-precious metal alloys, as well as acrylic.

Function & Performance
Flexible and robust, glass fiber reinforced separating and grinding discs.

Especially for precious and non-precious alloys

  • Finishing of several materials only with one disc type.
  • Low material loss when separating and finishing precious metal alloy units.

Dynex 0,3 x 22 mm
thick sprues (< 5 mm) and small areas of a restoration.


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Key functions

  • Very robust, even when under extreme strain such as when cutting through very thick sprues.

  • Excellent cutting and grinding Performance.

  • Maximum flexural and breaking strength due to double cross-linked glass-fiber reinforcement.

Other key functions

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