Dynex Titanium separating discs.

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Dynex Titanium separating discs. - The small implant expert for titanium and titanium alloys

Function & Performance
Flexible and robust glass fiber reinforced separating and grinding discs especially created for separating and grinding implant super structures such as abutments, bars and frameworks made of titanium or titanium alloys.


  • Flexible and stable for quick and precise grinding of implant super structures.
  • Excellent cutting and grinding performance especially when shortening abutments.

Dynex Titanium 0.3 x 22 mm
Particularly suited for cutting and grinding thin areas and small parts of the restoration.


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Key functions

  • Maximum flexural and breaking strength due to double cross-linked glass-fiber reinforcement.
  • Low heat generation and material stress with titanium and titanium alloys.
  • Above average durability due to unique constituents.

Other key functions

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