Stabiloplast resin


Stabiloplast resin - The general purpose resin

Function & Performance
General purpose resin for fixing, stabilising, connecting and blocking out.


  • May be applied straight from the bottle.
  • Will adhere to wax.
  • Has excellent adhesive properties, even to metal.

Wax inlays can be removed from the die without distortion if the wax base is stabilised with a thin layer of Stabiloplast. The occlusal surface can then be waxed upon this layer. Tension-free bridge joints can be achieved by connecting crowns and pontics with Stabiloplast rather than joining with wax.


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Key functions

  • Excellent adhesive strength to wax, metal, acrylic and plaster

  • Shape stable characteristics ensure stress-free connections

  • Burns without leaving a residue

Other key functions

Expert tip

Nadine Eble, Product Management:
„Always store the resin and the accelerator separately! Apply Stabiloplast with the enclosed plastic instrument (metal instruments are not suitable).“

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