The odourless one

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The odourless one - For even more comfort

Function & Performance
Odourless special glue for gluing and sealing plaster, metal, acrylic and porcelain.


  • Odourless glue prevents prevents respiratory irritation.
  • Specially suitable for gluing fresh plaster or for sealing.
  • Thin flowing: viscosity 11 MPa's.

Having opened the glue for the first time, it should not be placed back into the refrigerator as every opening attracts humidity because of the cold bottles; this affects the glue in the long term. In case the glue is closed and stored at room temperature this problem is reduced to a minimum.


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Key functions

  • Odourless glue prevents irritation of the respiratory surfaces

  • Specially for gluing fresh plaster

  • Also suitable for sealing

Other key functions

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