Renfert Polish all-in-one

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Renfert Polish all-in-one - The right polishing paste for each material

Function & Performance
Diamond polishing pastes for universal application and specific use, for high-gloss polishing of
ceramic materials such as lithium disilicate, zirconium oxide, veneering and hybrid ceramics, such as high performance polymers and veneering composites.

Renfert Polish all-in-one

  • Polishing paste for universal use, with a wide spectrum of diamond grain sizes.
  • Quick, high-gloss finish on various different materials such as lithium-disilicate, zirconium oxide, veneering and hybrid ceramics such as high performance polymers and veneering composites. 
  • Economical use with one polishing paste for a variety of different materials.


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Key functions

  • Reduces the amount of different polishing pastes required as it can be used on various materials.

  • A high gloss finish is achieved quickly, with very little paste, due to its highly abrasive qualities.

  • Smear-free polishing as the paste contains very little binding agent.

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