Rewax Dipping wax

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Rewax Dipping wax - Precise Wax Moldings

Function & Performance
Ready-to-use wax dipping pellets for the production of wax copings using wax dipping equipment.

GEO Rewax
Hard, less elastic dipping wax with excellent shaping properties.


  • Minimal contraction and high stability due to coordinated material properties.
  • Very good carving and cutting characteristics due to an ideal wax hardness.

Areas of application

  • Precise copings for all crown and bridge techniques.
  • Organic, burns residue-free, suitable for full and press ceramic techniques.

Tip - perfect wax copings:


  • Place a thin isolating layer on the die surface using Picosep.
  • Build-up of bubbles and streaks are thus prevented.


  • Support your hand comfortably.
  • Do a quick dip to just beyond the preparation border.
  • Slowly and evenly remove the die from the wax.
  • Just before the tip comes out hold it steady in the pot for a short time so that any excess wax can drip down.


Further information: Overview Waxes - Crown and bridge technique

Product data and Documents

Key functions

  • Exact reproduction of the die with low contraction

  • Very good carving characteristics

  • Guarantees best possible accuracy and surface smoothness in metal

Other key functions

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