Red sable Kolinsky brush

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Red sable Kolinsky brush - Natural bristle brush for porcelain

Function & Performance
Natural bristle brush made from Kolinsky red sable bristles – quality and aesthetics combined.


  • Fine, flexible brush tip.
  • Optimum liquid reservoir.
  • 6 different sizes for individual uses.

Brush forms Size 1 and 0/1 - stain brushes

  • Long, fine bristle tips for deeper spots in occlusal or interdental areas.

Size 2 – correction brush

  • Ideal for applying small amounts of porcelain portions after corrective firing.

Sizes 4 and 6

  • For porcelain modelling of large surfaces.

Size 8

  • Large liquid reservoir.


Further information: Overview Mixing trays & Brushes

Key functions

  • Natural bristle from the Kolinsky selection

  • High degree of elasticity for ideal take-up of large and small amounts of porcelain material

  • Long lasting due to very high quality and robust bristles

Other key functions

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