lay:art style Set

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lay:art style Set - Made for artists

Function & Performance
lay:art style natural hair brushes provide premium quality for the highest demands. An innovative manufacturing technique achieves maximum values in terms of tension, dimensional stability and durability of the brush tip. The ergonomic handle design with Soft Touch is optimally balanced and fits very well in the hand.


  • Top quality with natural hair for consistent working comfort at the highest level.
  • 10 sizes with different shape concepts, perfectly coordinated to individual requirements.
  • The Big Brush technique with sizes 8, 6 and 4 increases the moisture reserve and tension.

The optimal addition
Size 2 for small amounts, opaque brush for uniform application and staining brush for subtle shade accents – available as a practical set or individually.

Size 2 is ideal for the exact application of small amounts.
The perfect combination of thick and long hairs (7.5 mm /0.29"). It nestles on the framework surface and ensures an effective, uniform opaque and liner application.
The staining brush: High strength right into the tip for targeted application of perfect shade accents and specific details.


Further information: Overview Mixing trays & Brushes

Key functions

  • Highest premium quality of natural hairs ensures consistent quality at the highest level without variation

  • Completely new manufacturing technology achieves the highest values in terms of tension, dimensional stability and longevity of the brush tip

  • 8 sizes with different shape designs perfectly tailored to the individual requirements and needs of the technician

Other key functions


lay:art Made for artists: Anmischplatten und Pinsel mit System

Expert tip

Cim Özyurt, Product Management:
"We recommend regular conditioning of the brush hairs using curd soap. This keeps the natural hairs, bristles and synthetic fibers elastic and smooth thanks to its oil-restoring effect. Carefully clean the head of the brush in warm water until the soap forms a slight foam, then stroke the brush to return it to its original shape. A small drop of Proform-12 also maintains and strengthens the brush hair."

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