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lay:art color - Stains now have a new home

Function & Performance
Glazed ceramic tray for preparing and storing stains.


  • Balanced distribution of 13 drop-shaped, 2 large and 4 small round mixing wells as well as a smooth mixing surface.
  • Newly developed drop shape: sharp-edged at the back for wiping the brush, tapering at the front to allow controlled dispensing of the stain on the brush surface.


Further information: Overview Mixing trays & Brushes

Product data and Documents

Key functions

  • Balanced spread of 13 drop-shaped, 4 round and 2 large wells and a smooth surface.

  • The drop-shaped wells support application using brushes and the sharp edges of the round wells provide precise control of the liquid on the surface of the hair.

  • Housing lid protects the porcelain mixture from drying out for a very long period.

Other key functions


lay:art Made for artists mixing tray and brushes

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