lay:art crystal aqua xl

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lay:art crystal aqua xl - Cool esthetics - intelligent high-tech functionality

Function & Performance
Partially self-moistening glass mixing tray with two moistening strips.


  • Gentle for the brush and completely abrasion free using float glass.
  • Homogeneous moistening and consistency of the porcelain thanks to dimensionally stable and durable moistening strips.
  • Optimal moisture transport ensures there is no formation of microbubbles or porosity.


Further information: Overview Mixing trays & Brushes

Key functions

  • Hardened float glass with high-quality, extremely smooth surface protects the brush and is absolutely abrasion resistant

  • 2 high-tech moistening strips: completely dimensionally stable and durable, ensure homogeneous moistening and consistency of the porcelain - drying out is excluded, no loss of material

  • Optimum moisture transport prevents the formation of microbubbles and porosities - the porcelain remains stable and translucent

Other key functions

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