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Waxing-up with Renfert's GEO wax lines: there are modeling waxes for monolithic, diagnostic and aesthetic wax-ups in the fields of individual restorations, crown & bridgework and model casting techniques. Renfert GEO waxes are the ideal selection for the highest demands on quality and aesthetics for classical restorations. In modern dental technology they are an ideal basis for the creation of full ceramic restorations for press techniques and for use in CAD/CAM techniques in the dental laboratory.

This is what makes work easier

optimum waxing up and modeling properties
2 high-quality materials
3 coordinated to working with electric wax knife and open flame
4 very low shrinkage behavior

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Renfert GEO Expert

“The GEO Expert Wax Set, which I co-developed, includes comprehensive guidelines for experts, individualists and those eager to learn. In my manual I use illustrations and texts to show step-by-step how to create monolithic, diagnostic and hyper-realistic/truetonature wax-ups.”

August Bruguera, MDT

Dental Art by August Bruguera

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