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An efficient ceramic build-up

Mixing trays
Surprisingly an area in which so much time and money is still being wasted.

And yet mixing ceramic is so much easier and more efficient when using a mixing tray which automatically moisten the porcelain.

  • Saves money: Every gram of porcelain is used.
  • Saves time: The porcelain doesn't need to be kept constantly moist by hand


Even in potentially exhausted topics such as ceramic brushes, there are still some areas which have not yet been covered, as the innovative ceramic brush from Renfert proudly proves.
The brush has an extremely high resilience which is ideal for the absorption of both large and small amounts of porcelain material. This means there is no need to constantly change the brush according to the size of the task, therefore saving time.
The very strong interconnection of hair in the brush means the tip remains stable throughout the working procedure and therefore allowing the technician to concentrate on the task in hand.
A very high moisture reservoir saves the technician time, as it is no longer necessary to regularly re-moisten the brush and bring the tip to a neat point. The water glass is therefore required a lot less frequently.

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