Creating an in-house dental lab that will be worth the money

It is very possible for your dental office to have an in-house lab with equipment that saves money in the long run

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Creating an in-house dental lab worth the money

If you have heard about the benefits of creating a dental lab right in your office, you already know you can control the timeline, ensure quality and reduce wait times for your patients.  However, you might still have questions. How can you afford it? What equipment do you need to ensure good quality solutions for your patients? How do you find quality equipment? Renfert can help.

If having a lab in your local dental practice already sounds like a good idea, contact the experts at Renfert for help getting yours up and running.



What dental lab equipment do you need?

You don't have to buy every piece of equipment to have a good lab. You can get a really good start with the following:

  • Vacuum MixerA good quality vacuum mixer allows you to mix hands-free. A good example is the Twister Vacuum Mixer.
  • VibratorA good quality vibrator mixes compounds with a range of vibrations that don’t cause your workbench to vibrate, too. Our Renfert experts recommend the Vibrax Vibrator for this purpose.
  • Wet TrimmerA device used for trimming down gypsum or refractory casts. A wet trimmer will help keep the work station clean by reducing the amount of dust. The MTS Klettfix Wet Trimmer is an outstanding example.
  • SandblasterSandblasters are needed to prepare surfaces and make adjustments to dental appliances using air abrasion. This helps with adhesion of these devices. We recommend the Basic Eco Sandblaster for this purpose.
  • Extraction UnitYou need an extraction unit to remove dust from your clinical lab. One with a self-cleaning filter, quiet motor—yet powerful enough to do the job right—is a good idea. Renfert recommends the SILENT Compact Extraction Unit.
  • Denture Cleaning UnitOnce you have your dentures ready, you need to make sure they get a complete, thorough clean. A denture cleaning unit allows the entire denture appliance to be cleaned and made ready for the patient. Renfert suggests the SYMPRO unit for this purpose.
  • Ultrasonic CleanerTo take your cleaning needs a step further, using ultrasonic cleaners can help clean even larger objects within your dental office. Our suggestion is the EASYclean Ultrasonic Cleaner.



How do you decide what equipment to purchase?

You may wonder why the equipment listed above is what we recommend. Our goal is to suggest the best equipment, so you get the most out of it for the money spent.  Here are some other reasons we recommend those solutions:

  • Durability: We make sure the equipment can handle the workload of a busy dental office. Minimal repairs are necessary and we want the equipment to last a long time.
  • Minimal space: The equipment we suggest are all compact and capable of fitting on a counter or a bench. Our compactness allows an office of any size have their own dental lab.
  • Cleanliness: The lab equipment is designed to prevent the spread of dust around the office. We also want to be sure the equipment stays as clean as possible to reduce the need to take it apart to clean it or send it for repairs.
  • Quiet: Most of  the equipment in our list has the additional benefit of being designed to be quieter than other dental lab equipment. This is also because we know you have a busy dental office and already have enough to worry about without loud equipment noises adding to the din. Plus, it protects the hearing of the people in your office who use the equipment.
  • Effectiveness: The dental lab equipment in our list all work efficiently. We test them ourselves and make sure they do the job and do it right.
  • Easy to repair: All the equipment we recommended is designed to be easily taken apart in order to easily replace or repair any parts—including fresh blades or motors. 

The thing to remember is that having quality equipment with the benefits listed above can save you money in the long run. It reduces to the need for replacement equipment, repairs and parts. After the initial investment in the equipment, you can provide this additional, more cost-effective service to patients with equipment that lasts.



The Renfert difference in dental lab equipment

At Renfert we offer more than just a list of equipment to your dental practice. Our service comes with guarantees and great customer service, too. Our technicians are there to help you troubleshoot problems or  fix the equipment we recommend. This means we stand behind this equipment to ensure you get the most years of use out of it as possible. We also offer replacement parts and can assist you in those replacements.

The first step is to contact us. The Renfert experts will take it from there, and soon you’ll have the benefits of an in-house dental lab.