Genius porcelain brush "smart and super handling"

making work easy

Christian Zulian


Master Dental Technician


The new Genius porcelain brush line from Renfert will impress every ceramist. The brush’s smart protective function with a simple rotating snap mechanism is very practical and protects the brush tip better than a conventional plastic cover. In my opinion, the ergonomics are “handy” in the truest sense of the word: the instrument fits between the fingers like a glove and the non-slip grip also gave me a good feeling of security while building up the ceramic. Thanks to the reworked brush tip, the hairs have an outstanding dimensional stability, which is necessary for perfectly mastering the different layering phases. I work with the brush in all layering phases, each with its own varying demands. This Genius simply handles well for a wide variety of applications.


Application of the 1st deep dentin layer:
The Genius brush simplifies the application of thin ceramic layers thanks to selective positioning (photo 1, photo 1a).


1: Deep dentin material


1a: Thin deep dentin coating


Dentin core:
Larger porcelain portions can be perfectly layered, thanks to the dimensional stability of the natural brush hairs, without the whole material being moved and/or collapsing due to continuous micro-vibrations (photo 2, photo 2a).

2: Thick dentin portion


2a: Dentin application


Internal intricate incisal layering:
In particular for individually-designed incisal effects, it is fundamental that the material can be selectively inserted in the incisal table area and without vibrations. With this stabile brush tip, this really is child’s play (photo 3).


3: Incisal table with effect materials


Comprehensive modeling:
So that the entire layering technique can be smoothly and delicately modeled, I love to press the brush into a flat shape and touch up the anatomical form without vibration. Thanks to the superb quality of these natural hairs, I can individually configure the brush shape and “design” as required (Photo 4).


4: Flat brush shape “painting”


The new Genius porcelain brush is a high-quality instrument that every ambitious ceramist should test. I myself was surprised and had never thought that the ceramic build-up would be so immensely simplified by this excellent tool. (Photo 5, photo 6).


5: 1st firing


6: Molar after glaze firing