Wax ... my hobby.

making work easy

Giuseppe Doti
Dental Technician


During my thirty years as a dental technician I have always planned my work with wax models.


Wax is a constant: from the diagnostic modeling to the provisionary teeth, for the injection and pressing. Today, with the new technologies, I rediscovered how exciting it is to scan my wax models in order to convert them with the new materials. Wax is the only material that allows the immediate transformation of my ideas. I have used natural as well as synthetic wax types, always looking for a material that is easy to cast / melt and scale.



Through experience I was able to find out that work is made easier if the wax has the same coloring as natural teeth. To realize a tooth you must think and plan with realistic colors. I was pleased with my results, and felt I was able to reach a high quality standard quickly and easily – at least I thought I could…





I now have to admit that my views were wrong, because I have found something that has exceeded my expectations. A wax for layering is something that I often looked for but couldn’t find. Today I work with natural coloring and use the same layering technique as I do for composite or ceramic. I am thrilled and amazed that it is so easy to reconstruct a tooth! I start with the cervicals and then continue with dentin layering. I always make sure to leave enough space for enamel and transparent material. Layer by layer I develop the tooth shape, and to my amazement I discover that my tooth is finalized without wasting much wax.


For restorations including gum areas the gingiva waxes are perfect. At last I can plan the gum texture and immediately see the effect on the esthetics of the final product.


I feel younger and am full of enthusiasm. I can ensure you – its a fantastic feeling when you can’t wait to sit down at work and create something.  My job has also become my hobby.