Practice makes perfect wax-ups

making work easy

Fabian Soto



The Spanish dental technician Fabian Soto writes about his experiences with the GEO Expert Wax Set A. Bruguera. We truly admire the pictures he sent us!


Since my first steps as a dental technician, I know that practice is imperative in our profession. And there is no better possibility for morphological training than the creation of waxups. Of course always by taking detailed studies of the natural conditions into account.


Last January, I had the honour to take part at the first Train the Trainer workshop, organized by Renfert and August Bruguera in the August Bruguera Dental Training Center in Barcelona. At this event with all the highly talented colleagues, I realized, that something big is going on. In the workshop, we got introduced to the new GEO Expert Wax Set by August Bruguera. I was really fascinated, not only by the advantage to have one single wax set to create conventional or diagnostic wax-ups, but also because the set contains variations of waxes in different colors, translucencies and saturations. This helps us to creat wax-ups, that are a lot more than conventional monolithic wax-ups. The set helps us to design surprisingly true-to-nature wax restorations, that resemble the optical results of ceramic or composite restorations.








I really believe, that the wax-set is a great tool for morphological training and also to practice layering, because you can control the results instantly. Whats even better: in my lab, we often us it to individualize CAD/CAM-Structures, which we transfer to composite with the Nexco flask technique afterwards without losing the spectacular morphology that we created with the GEO Expert Wax-Set A. Bruguera.