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Printing orthodontics models – A simple and sustainable solution with SIMPLEX


With its unique advantages, the SIMPLEX 3D filament printer stands out from other filament printers. The SIMPLEX 3D filament printer system is a coordinated dental system solution in the filament printing segment (modified 3D filament printer, dental slicer software, and bio filaments for orthodontic model fabrication) for consistent reproduction and reliable results. The best thing about it: The printed models don’t need any post-processing.


The technology is as simple as it is ingenious: Filament printing (FDM/FFF process) uses fused filaments. These are thermoplastics in wire form assembled on a reel. The material softens under the influence of heat. A nozzle then builds up the 3D print object layer by layer on the print bed. Done!


The filaments used in the SIMPLEX 3D filament printer system are mainly bioplastics that can be recycled and industrially composted without the need for any complex processes. This gives you an environmentally sustainable way of creating a 3D-printed object.


Ecological, sustainable and health-friendly:  

  • 100% free of irritant substances
  • No polymerization in the light-curing unit necessary
  • No post-processing with chemicals required
  • Eco-friendly and health-friendly printing
  • Colorfast, UV-resistant



The SIMPLEX 3D filament printer system was developed to meet the specific requirements of orthodontic laboratories and offices. It is very simple to use: Whether in the orthodontic office or laboratory, the optimized material profiles offer a standardized application and thus simple and reliable operation without prior knowledge. For: all important printing parameters for the orthodontic field are already pre-installed. This makes getting started with 3D printing easy, intuitive and reliable.


Reproducible, reliable and easy

  • Pre-installed programs for the orthodontic sector and the specific models
  • Filament monitoring system with notification function and automated troubleshooting
  • Easy familiarization for the office and laboratory team



All three system components - the printer, the dental-specific slicer software and the appropriate filaments - are perfectly matched to each other and to the requirements in the orthodontic field. The result: consistently reproducible and reliable results.


Easy, effiefficient and reliable: 

  • Process reliability thanks to pre-set printing parameters 
  • Versatile print bed for maximum utilization
  • Extremely quiet printing process
  • Detailed results



All Renfert devices are reliable, durable and efficient. However if something is not working correctly, the Renfert Customer Success Program is the service you can rely on – you will receive all the assistance you need. Simply download our Renfert CONNECT app* free of charge, register and you are ready to go!


The Customer Success Program includes

  • 3 years Renfert workflow guarantee*
  • 10 years spare parts guarantee
  • Activity guarantee
  • Maintenance service
  • Loaner service


*Wear parts excluded


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