Building a Seamless Digital Finishing Workflow

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Greg Martin
CDT and National Director of Sales
Renfert USA


Modern dentistry involves faster and more accurate dental fillings, implants and devices. Renfert’s digital workflow tools can help your practice. Find out how.


Building a Seamless Digital Finishing Workflow

Like in most industries today, dentistry and dental technology have improved in order to provide better, faster, and more efficient dental restorations and replacements. Even in the dentist’s office, the computer has become important to make replacing and repairing lost or broken teeth more effective and efficient.


Here’s what Renfert can do to help your dental practice with that seamless digital workflow. For further details, you can also visit our website here.


There’s a good chance you are already using or aware of the terms CAD/CAM, but in case you haven’t, it means Computer-aided Design and Manufacturing. In dental labs, it’s used to scan and manufacture dental appliances and replacements more efficiently than ever before. Using a computer system is also much faster, more accurate, provides a better fit and reduces rework.


Combining this with modern ceramic and digital finishing tools means you can scan, design, produce, polish, sculpt and finish a replacement tooth faster and more effectively than ever before.


What tools do you need for an effective digital finishing process?

Once the dental appliance, replacement, crown, bridge, or device has been created, the digital finishing process comes into play. Here’s what you’ll need and why:


Cutting and separating tools cut pieces off the replacement tooth so you can shape it and polish down the road. Renfert recommends using Dynex Brillant separating discs because of the following:


  • Damage, such as cracking, can occur to materials because of excessive heat, these discs avoid material damages due to an exceptionally low thermal impact.
  • Brillant discs provide safe separation and trimming of press sprues thanks to the excellently designed cutting characteristics and removal capacity.
  • Reduce or eliminate the potential damage or ruin of material with these discs because they are gentle due to extremely low vibrations.



The next step is grinding the ceramic tooth to get it to the right size and start the shaping process. At Renfert, we recommend using the Dynex Brillant grinding discs because of the following:


  • They designed Dynex Brillant discs to generate minimal heat which helps to avoid material damages including cracks.
  • These discs have a high speed and removal capacity which allows for safe trimming of press sprues.
  • The discs further prevent damage to the material with a low vibration capacity. 



Pre-polishing is the next step to help remove still more of the parts you don’t need or want on the ceramic replacement. For this task, Renfert recommends silicone polishers because they do the job, but also:


  • Allow for no smear build-up on porcelain
  • They are excellent for the transition between metal and porcelain.



At this point, a technician might lightly sandblast, then characterize the restoration with stains, glazes or ceramics using lay:art trays and brushes. Renfert offers several BASIC sandblasters among our products and for the right brushes, we suggest the lay:art style brushes for the following reasons:


  • These brushes are top quality and made with natural hair for consistent working comfort at the highest level.
  • To get just the right shapes and concepts, there are 10 sizes to all for perfect coordination with individual requirements. 
  • You can use the lay:art brushes for a Big Brush technique because they come in sizes 8, 6 and 4, which increases the moisture reserve and tension.


Micro-layering comes next to get the colors and transparencies correct. For this, Renfert recommends lay:art Crystal Aqua XL while using the Genius Brush for the following reasons:


  • The material is gentle on the brush while also being totally abrasion free using float glass.
  • The Crystal Aqua XL will allow for homogeneous moistening and consistency of the porcelain thanks to dimensionally stable and durable moistening strips.
  • The material provides optimal moisture transport to ensure there is no formation of micro-bubbles or porosity.


As for why Renfert recommends using the Genius Brush for this particularly important and delicate work, it’s because: 


  • The Genius Brush hair has a long service life because of an innovative roll-away protective function which protects between uses.
  • The slim tip shape which is due to the high-quality brush hair and allows for greater detail.
  • The brush tips are easy to replace, which makes the brush more economical.  
  • The unique roll-away protective function is easily activated via a smooth rotation mechanism.
  • The brush was designed to have consistent haptics for all holding positions.



The last step is to do high shine polishing that makes the replacement tooth look and feel real to the patient. Special brushes and polish are needed. Renfert recommends the following:


Bison brush

  • These brushes last a really long time because they designed them with a long, dense, firm bristle arrangement.
  • The shape and design of the bristles are particularly suitable for polishing occlusal surfaces and interdental spaces.
  • They also designed bison brushes for easier use and to have an excellent take-up of polishing pastes.


Renfert polish

  • If you’re looking for a high-gloss finish and a great shine, this polish was designed for you. Plus, it also has low material consumption.
  • Designed for speed, giving you a high gloss finish quickly, particularly in difficult to reach occlusal areas.
  • Renfert’s polish will help you keep a clean workspace, too, because it is meant to be smear-free and clean because of a balanced ratio of binder.


Goat Hair Brush

  • These brushes are especially good with the take-up of polishing paste for an excellent polishing result and a refined finish.



How Renfert can help your finishing workflow

Having an effective and seamless digital finishing workflow means you provide greater, faster, more  efficient service to your patients. If you have questions about the equipment above, or would like to discuss how Renfert can equip your dental office, visit our website for details and contact us today