Statement on the war in Ukraine

Renfert is shocked and deeply concerned about the war of aggression in Ukraine initiated by Russia’s President Putin and the deadly aggression against the Ukrainian civilian population that has been going on for weeks. As a globally active company, we stand for the peaceful coexistence of different nations and cultures worldwide. We support and encourage all measures that will contribute to an immediate end of the violence. 

Our thoughts are with all people affected by this war and with those organizing aid. We declare our solidarity with the Ukrainian people who are currently fearing for their lives and for the freedom of their nation. We also pay our respect to the people who are protesting against this invasion under threat of repression from Russia.

Renfert therefore fully and explicitly supports the sanctions against Russia that have been politically decided by democratic countries. Two weeks ago, we decided to suspend our Russian business completely. With this delivery stop, we are also appealing to many of our Russian friends and partners to raise their voices and help bring this war to a swift end.

We stand for the respect of peaceable nations and the integrity of their territory. War is not an accepted means of asserting unilateral interests. In this sense, we appeal to the Russian government to end this war immediately.

Renfert GmbH