GEO Expert Wax Set: From Barcelona to Milan.

making work easy

Guido Testa
Master Dental Technician


I knew of my colleague August Bruguera only by hearsay, when Renfert invited me to his Dental Training Centre in February 2016.There he introduced me to his philosophy of waxing-up with the Renfert GEO Expert Wax Set A. Bruguera. I was aware of August Bruguera’s quality as a dental technician and accordingly  my expections were high, but I didn’t expect to learn such a simple yet ingenious technique, that instantly fascinated me and made me curious.


Layering with different colored model waxes of the GEO Expert Wax set





One big advantage of layering with wax is that you can see the results immediately as opposed to ceramic layering, where you have to do different bakes, to see different effects.
But my main question was how to transfer these special techniques into my daily work. The answer didn’t take long. In March 2016 I began to produce diagnostic wax-ups with the Bruguera technique and both the dentist and patient with whom I did my first case gave me  very positive feedback. The aesthetic wax-up helped them to get a good impression of the form and the colors of the planned restoration.







A good place to use the technique as a learning method are ceramic courses, which I organize. I always begin my lectures with the usage of the GEO Expert Wax Set before I continue with the ceramic layering, because the buildup of an aesthetic wax-up is comparable to a ceramic layering. By help of this wax technique, learning is much more intuitive and effective, which then facilitates the ceramic layering.


I also use CAD/CAM technology in my lab and I process the manufactured prosthetics by using monolithic zirconium oxide, lithium disilicate or other machinable materials. The machine-made ceramic crowns can only partly satisfy my expectations of an esthetic tooth shape. The exact morphology of the tooth and the correct function are crucial and the teeth, which are waxed-up with the different model waxes allow me to achieve these goals quickly and with better results. Compared to teeth that are waxed-up with monochromatic model wax the GEO Expert Wax offers a visually more attractive result: an aesthetically waxed-up tooth and not a simple monolithic restoration.


I hope you can also experience the feeling I have, when I apply this technique. Despite my long work experience, I had the chance to learn something very significant and to expand my professional horizon once again. Finally, I wish to thank the excellent and very pleasant dental technician August Bruguera, who enabled me to do my daily work with even more passion.