Further accessories

Picture Product Description Scope of delivery Article number Wishlist
SYMPRO mini-cup set SYMPRO mini-cup set Hygienically reprocessable cup (for 4 single crowns or up to 4 unit bridges) for cleaning small objects in the SYMPRO denture cleaning unit. 1x mini-cup incl. adapter ring and cleaning needles 65000410
SYMPRO beaker disinfectable SYMPRO beaker disinfectable 1 piece 65000450
SYMPRO Mini-Becher SYMPRO Mini-Becher 65000400
SYMPRO Retrofit set SYMPRO Retrofit set Retrofit set with disinfectable SYMPRO cleaning beaker. 1 cleaning beaker, 1 cleaning needles and 1 manual for hygienic preparation 65000460
SYMPRO cleaning pins SYMPRO cleaning pins The rotating needles heat up the cleaning solution to approx. 45°C (113°F), which accelerates the chemical reaction. The needles are made of an acid-resistant alloy. They are cut precisely at right angles and also designed for maximum efficiency and durability. This has the effect of increasing efficiency while at the same time protecting the surface of the object. 75 g (2.63 oz.) 65000550
Plastic lid Plastic lid Quicker heating. Protects against evaporation and dust infiltration. 1 piece, grey 18500001
Stainless steel cover Stainless steel cover Cover for use with the cleaning jar or plastic container with lid. 1 piece 18500002
Stainless steel basket Stainless steel basket For storage of cleaning items. To protect the floor of the oscillating tank. 1 piece 18500003
Stainless steel immersion basket Stainless steel immersion basket For cleaning small and very delicate items. For use with the stainless steel cover or withthe cleaning jar. 1 piece 18500004
Plastic acid bath insert Plastic acid bath insert For acids and fluids not suitable for use in the stainless steel tank. 1 piece 18500005
Cleaning jar Cleaning jar For the use of additional cleaning fluids. For use in the stainless steel cover. 600 ml With lid and rubber band, 1 piece 18500006
Plastic container with lid Plastic container with lid Ideal for cleaning smaller items and working with acids. Can be also used in conjunction with the stainless steel cover. 1 piece 18500007

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