Hoses, mufflers and adapters

Picture Product Description Scope of delivery Article number Wishlist
Suction hose Suction hose 9 m 902150823
End bushings set End bushings set set (2 pieces) 29210003
90° angled connector 90° angled connector 1 piece 29340007
Extractor Switch Extractor Switch For connecting 2 dust producing devices. Via selection switch individually adjustable to one or two extraction ports. Tool free and fast connection. 1 Extractor Switch incl. 4 mufflers (without hose), Ø suction fittings, interior/exterior 35 mm / 40 mm (1.38" / 1.57"), Ø muffler interior/exterior 38 mm / 46 mm (1.50" / 1.81") 29260000
Interface cable Type F for Zirkonzahn + C14 adapter Interface cable Type F for Zirkonzahn + C14 adapter for Zirkonzahn with C14 adapter 5 m 29340012
Universal adapter for suction hose Universal adapter for suction hose 1 piece 900034430
Adapter for hose connection Adapter for hose connection Suitable for most common sized hoses. Accurately fitting connection without cutting to size. 1 piece 900034305
Suction hose Suction hose 3 m (with 2 mufflers) 900034240
Y-junction Y-junction 1 piece 900034314
Suction hose, antistatic Suction hose, antistatic antistatic 3 m (with 2 mufflers) 900034826
Suction hose Suction hose 6 m 901150823

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