Product Description Scope of delivery Article number Shopping list
EASY view 3D HDMI-Splitter Transmits (unaltered) 3D or 2D signals required when connecting additional 1-2 monitors (or projector). 24000503
EASY view 3D HDMI-Video-Recorder For recording video and sound sequences. 24000502
EASY view 3D Converter 3D/2D Converts a 3D-signal to a 2D-signal required when connecting an additional output device (ex: monitor, projector). 24000501
EASY view 3D Converter 3D/2D with multi voltage power adapter 24000506
LED illumination, for Mobiloskop, 100–240 VAC

Perfect illumination of the viewing field and maximum control of detail using 9,000 Lux.

Optimum light tone ensures color fidelity Observation of all objects using 18 long-life white light LEDs.

Shadow-free, contrast-rich illumination via a15° lighting angle.

1 piece 22005000
Additional objective 2x 1 piece 22000200
Support arm with universal clamp

Stable support arm with three hinges, which can be adjusted and fixed to any position.

Can be used for up to 4 workplaces due to swivel-mounted support arm with a radius of 850 mm.

Integrated power cable for the LED lighting.

Workplace attachment with clamp for tabletop thicknesses of 18–74 mm (0.71–2.92").

1 piece 22000401
Stand with universal clamp 18–74 mm (0.71–2.92") 1 piece 22000410
Stand with screw clamp Max. bench top thickness: 26 mm 1 piece 22000420
Table clamp 1 piece 22000900
Table adapter 1 piece 22000901