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22000400 CAT 002.jpg

Mobiloskop S


One microscope for up to 4 workplaces! The 360° swivel-mounted support arm allows a single microscope to be utilized from several workplaces for detail control and precision work.


  • 5 and 10 times magnification provides maximum precision.
  • Distortion-free coupled with uniform sharpness in the entire viewing field.
  • Large viewing field with a high depth of focus and marginal detail.


  • Ergonomic and relaxed seating position thanks to the high working position of 150 mm.
  • Dioptric compensation enables a three-dimensional view.
  • Optional: LED-illumination with 9000 Lux/18 white light LEDs.

Ordering information

Picture Product Scope of delivery Article number Wishlist
Mobiloskop S with support arm Mobiloskop S with support arm Mobiloskop head (without lighting), support arm (incl. stand with universal clamp) 22000400

Technical data


Mobiloskop S with support arm

Article number



5 x | 10 x

Light beam (angled)

45 °

Field of vision Ø

44 mm (5 x) | 22 mm (10 x)
1.734 " (5 x) | 0.867 " (10 x)

Focussing depth

22 mm (5 x) | 10 mm (10 x)
0.867 " (5 x) | 0.349 " (10 x)

Working distance

150 mm
5.9 "

Action radius of swivel arm

850 mm
33.5 "

Table top thickness (with universal clamp)

18–74 mm
0.71–2.92 "

Table top thickness (with screw clamp, max.)

26 mm
1.02 "

Weight (incl. swivel arm)

~1,8 kg
~4 lbs


Picture Product Description Scope of delivery Article number Wishlist
LED illumination, for Mobiloskop, 100–240 VAC LED illumination, for Mobiloskop, 100–240 VAC Perfect illumination of the viewing field and maximum control of detail using 9000 Lux. Optimum light tone ensures color fidelity Observation of all objects using 18 long-life white light LEDs. Shadow-free, contrast-rich illumination via a 15° lighting angle. 1 piece 22005000
Support arm with universal clamp Support arm with universal clamp Stable support arm with three hinges, which can be adjusted and fixed to any position. Can be used for up to 4 workplaces due to swivel-mounted support arm with a radius of 850 mm (33.49"). Integrated power cable for the LED lighting. Workplace attachment with clamp for tabletop thicknesses of 18–74 mm (0.71–2.92"). 1 piece 22000401
Stand with universal clamp Stand with universal clamp 18–74 mm (0.71–2.92") 1 piece 22000410
Stand with screw clamp Stand with screw clamp Max. bench top thickness: 26 mm (1.02") 1 piece 22000420

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Expert tip Oliver Bothe, Master Dental Technician, Product Managment

“Did you know that aspherical lenses in combination with good illumination in a dental microscope reduce the stress for the eyes to a minimum? Aspherical lenses ensure a distortion-free image with high marginal detail (see figure). Quality counts and saves you unnecessary stress.”